Library / School Shows

After spending many years as a teacher by day and musician by night, Dano decided to write some songs specifically for kids.  This led to shows at schools, libraries and other events throughout the DFW area.

For school and library shows, Dano likes to add an educational element by telling short stories about the songs and why he wrote them. He also likes to involve his audience by asking questions that pertain to the songs, and he usually follows every concert with a question and answer section. 

Some of his more popular songs include Groovy Spacemen, Hello Sunshine, Big Daddio, Home (My Happy Place), A Colorful World, The Lost City of Atlantis, Lonesome George of the Galapagos, Jetpack Superhero, The Animal Cliche' Song, Some of My Favorite Words and Ugly Toes. 

Take a listen to these songs on Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube.